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Sunday, August 1 - Cleveland, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois

1005 miles down. Sitting in a bar (notice a theme emerging here?) below the big steel lima bean (that's probably not the official name of th piece, but it should be) in Chicago's beautiful Millennium Park.

Other than a quick jaunt to Toledo, stayed on 80 for most of the day. It rained of course, but not as much as yesterday. Still, a good day all in all. Indiana is not the most visually stimulating state in the union. But  I really like the few parts of Chicago that I've seen. Tonight, a big plate of ribs at Miller's Pub, a wonderful oak-paneled speakeasy underneath the El.


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Toledo. Home of one of my heroes, Max Klinger (we're both bucking for Section 8's and we both look fabulous in heels), his favorite baseball team - the Mudhens, and, at least according to Klinger, the best goulash on either side of the Mississippi.

One of the great things about being on the road is the wonderful regional delicacies you get to experience. Take this tempting entree from one of the finer truck stops outside Toledo. . 8-01-Bweb.jpg (67762 bytes)

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Arriving at the Hilton in Chicago, the doormen were kind enough to help me, and leave the folks in the limos waiting. 
The big silver lima bean in Millennium Park is definitely worth seeing, especially at Sundown.  

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More sculpture in Millennium Park. As the big, friendly faces changed oh-so-slowly,
the monoliths became waterfalls and then fountains. We all got wet.

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